Why Product Launching Is Important

If you started out in your career as a brand or product manager, then you may have witnessed the art of launching and the amount of skills and planning involved in taking a product to market successfully.

Many of the challenging decisions that will come up in a new product launch have already been witnessed by our staff. With every decision forming an important part of the product launch phase.

Without a timely and a carefully executed product launch, the whole product or brand development process would go to waste. Product launching requires appropriate planning, staffing and resources. Many variables take part in a successful launching, and if not addressed properly then your brand would be looking at a failed launch.

The aim of a product launch is to create awareness as much as possible and leaving a memorable impression either through creative visuals, branding, marketing strategies, and digital services.

Product launching generates attention towards your company and brand. People get to know about you and your new product/service. This attention eventually leads to a customer base.

A successful launching leads to better selling, hence generating profit for your company. That revenue stream becomes consistent over years due to a hit product launch.

New partnerships and relationships become part of a product launch, simply because they get a new opportunity for investment.

Why Choose Us

We can assist you in the following when it comes to launching your new product or service:

  • Brand name development including brand identity
  • Market research
  • Financial forecasting
  • Developing the marketing plan
  • Planning a product launch event
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Adding to your existing website (or opening a new micro-site)
  • Developing a PR strategy

Before any product launch takes place, we define your launch objectives and undergo market research and develop a full marketing plan. Through pre-planning, we can discover the target market, with the appropriate channels for launching.

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Brand Identity

Developing a brand identity is a 5 step process that aims to clearly define what your brand stands for – its goals, its personality, emotions that you want people to experience and a clear conveyance of that identity through a positioning statement.

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Establishing your brand is one of the most important things you can do to make your business successful and distinguished from competitors giving your customers a connection point. A brand must express strategic vision which will evoke a desired emotional response.

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Web Development

We have the latest techniques to create everything from simple websites to very complex e-commerce ones. Its aim is to be an online portal showcasing your brand, and be at top rankings of a person’s search; therefore influencing their purchasing behavior.

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Marketing and PR Strategies

A customized marketing strategy will lay the foundations for a solid, memorable brand. As well as developing a PR strategy that encompasses media relations, storytelling, content creation, and social media management.

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Marketing Material

A good corporate identity is more than a logo, it’s projecting a certain image for a company to the minds of its audience for them to fulfill their objectives. We create an everlasting memory in the eyes of customers.

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Launching Campaigns

Our team will plan a product launch event, and make it exclusive across all social media platforms. It will be carefully planned with scheduled sequence of events with the goal to make a big happening out of the release.

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Mobile App

Mobile apps are the main drive to getting information on the go. It increases your brand’s accessibility as well as visibility and exposure. Our team will take your original idea, design an interface and build a totally functional app on Apple and Android devices.

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Market Research

We will conduct market research to have a better understanding of your business and the industry it operates in.

Brand Development

We will help in determining who you are, who your target audience is, and why they should know about you.

Marketing Plan

We will conduct a full marketing plan that will encompass all analysis and strategies to start up your business.

Corporate Identity

We will create a corporate identity that projects a certain image for your brand to the minds of your audience.

PR Strategy

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Product Launch

We will launch your product with a carefully planned and scheduled sequence of events to create the right buzz.


We do a comprehensive analysis of your company, overall marketing strategy and your existing digital initiatives.

1. Strategy

Based on your goals, we design your brand and all what it stands for in eye-catching designs that clearly articulate your unique value.

2. Design

Through strategic campaigns and strategies, we will develop your brand and communicate it across your audience.

3. Development

We aim at creating long lasting relationships and prosper with our clients. As well as helping our customers establish a loyal customer base.

4. Growth
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