Why E-Commerce Is Important

With this new movement towards a digital era and the number of internet users grows, the use of E-commerce for business transactions is on the rise. E-commerce websites allow businesses to increase their selling and spread their business over a larger target. It gives them access to those who don’t have enough time to go into your store, hence, selling to the remote customer by offering your website to them. Everything they need will be available on your shopping site, where they can choose a product and place an order to the website.

E-commerce provides consumers with convenience by giving them many options at the tip of their fingers. They can easily find reviews and compare products. This would lead to instant transactions and an increase in customer base.

More than 80% of the population use the internet for purchasing. Which is why having an online presence keeps you ahead of the game.

Your customers no longer have to wait in line to shop or find what they need.

Your e-commerce website allows you to be available 24/7, so it’s like your shop never closes.

Your visitors receive immediate feedback regarding product prices, quantity, features and much more.

With e-commerce, you’re not restricted your locality simply because you’re online.

Why Choose Us

Greynab will provide an easy navigation e-commerce website, that will save your customers valuable time, in addition to an easy-to-use e-commerce web design that will help customers to get their products at hand.

We will provide you with a complete e-commerce solution with professional branding, copy-writing, and design. With the integration of payment gateways and online marketing, SEO and PPC.

Online Shopping Cart

Customer login and registration will be integrated, which allows customers to register on the website and customize their online shopping cart.

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Secure Checkout

The number of sales that occur on the website determine how well your business is doing. A secure check out drives visitors to purchase online.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Since commercial transactions will be done through the website, we will integrate functions to have a secured gateway.

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Maintenance & Support

Support will include correction of errors caused by unauthorized modifications, as well as responding to requests/problems, and maintaining a secured gateway.

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Responsive Design

The e-commerce website will have a user-friendly interface for all users to get all necessary information for them to navigate easily through products.

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With the use of SEO integration, we have the readiness to maintain the successful listing in the top search engines. Which would influence purchasing behavior.

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Web Development

We can design, develop and promote e-commerce websites that are fully responsive and secure, with integrated social networks. As well as giving you a reliable inventory management.

Mobile Applications

We can design, develop and promote mobile applications for iOS and Android operating devices. Turning your store into an m-commerce app, with or without an existing website.

Grow Your Business

Our team can integrate your social media channels as well as on site searching to allow visitors an easier way to access your website/app and make it adaptive to any platform.

Unique Experience

Our team of designers and developers create an e-commerce website that improves user shopping experience and allows you to control your content and engagements.


We do a comprehensive analysis of your company, overall marketing strategy and your existing digital initiatives.

1. Strategy

Based on your goals, we design your brand and all what it stands for in eye-catching designs that clearly articulate your unique value.

2. Design

Through strategic campaigns and strategies, we will develop your brand and communicate it across your audience.

3. Development

We aim at creating long lasting relationships and prosper with our clients. As well as helping our customers establish a loyal customer base.

4. Growth
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