About Greynab

Est. 2013

Where we are experts in altering public opinions and perceptions by changing their behavior towards a brand, product or service. We have a passion for solving problems, launching products and start-ups, creating concepts, managing reputation and igniting brands.

Greynab is a creative digital marketing agency specialized in providing digital marketing services with core skills in branding, digital and design.

We do our job in a more creative way and provide our clients with the best balance between art and functionality. With full dedication, passion and integrity we tend to always find smarter and more convenient ways to make an impact or Buzz.

By partnering with us, you’ll get a complete crafted strategic and creative marketing solution that delivers quantifiable results. Your brand image will be reflected throughout your online presence as well as your marketing collaterals.

No matter what your business’s purpose is, we first conduct an analysis phase that includes a study of your business and the industry you operate in. We then define strategy goals, develop the strategy, execute it and finally monitor and maintain it.

Our team consists of experts who are the finest in their field. By combining their particular skills whether in digital, design, branding, or marketing; Greynab offers a one stop shop that will ensure a complete digital marketing solution.

Our Passion and Our People

Our agency can only be as strong as our people and because of this, we only hire individuals who aren’t afraid of challenges, but actually look forward to them. Our team members have run their own businesses, designed game changing products, consulted big companies and are the best at what they do.

We look for people that embody our values and have talent, commitment, intelligence, experience, and passion. At Greynab, we strive to create an atmosphere where new team members can contribute to our goals, our culture and our process.

Our Mission

At Greynab, our mission is to create value and make a difference by focusing on quality, creativity and innovation, providing our clients and their audience with a viral and memorable experience.

We aim at creating unique content with the use of the latest technologies and trends, which alter perceptions and leave a lasting impact.

Our History

Greynab was established in 2014, based in Beirut. Due to the gap in the digital shift in the Lebanese market, we decided to cater for the businesses that had trouble shifting. We wanted to use our marketing expertise and add a touch of creativity to every project we could get our hands on.

We value advancement and all the technology it brings with it. We challenged the ordinary with every client and transformed their product to a leading brand with a unique brand identity. We think digital, with effective, creative and result driven solutions.

OUR Clients