Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Our team allows you and your business to better understand the impact of our social media strategies and campaigns. We have the ability to measure the effectiveness of our reach as well as engagements and conversions.

Reporting and analysis allows us to better understand our strategy in order to improve it, as well as gaining new insights across social media channels. Through such insights, we can detect trends, patterns, behaviors and much more in order to grab opportunities and make use of them to boost your brand.

Analytics allow us to better identify social influencers that drive your brand and generate buzz. Hence, helping us identify what content works and what doesn’t.

Our reports include insights regarding Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest as well as other social media channels. Providing you with data regarding click through rates, conversion rates, cost per subscriber, engagements, followers, trends, reach, traffic, ROI, total revenue and competitive analysis.

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